Diesel Engine? Rely on Garrett Turbos in Australia

For turbochargers explicitly designed for diesel engines, 962 Industries offers Garret Turbos in Australia. Established in 1936 by Cliff Garrett, the company is a leading supplier of turbocharging innovation in the automotive sector. Diesel engines are often used in heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, buses and construction equipment, and diverse and arduous applications like boats and generator sets. The Garrett range of diesel turbochargers from 962 Industries meets the needs of specific applications with features like variable geometry and wastegate turbochargers.


Enjoy More Power Today

Garrett diesel turbos compress the air entering the engine to boost the oxygen available for combustion, resulting in more fuel burned and greater power and improved efficiency.

Contact 962 Industries about our extensive Garrett Turbos range and find out what is best for your vehicle and application. You will also benefit from reduced emissions and greater fuel efficiency.

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