G42-1450 Turbo Charger Garrett


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G42-1450 Turbo Charger Garrett

Garrett® G Series 42 turbochargers offer enthusiasts a new range of quick spooling, high horsepower solutions for 2.0 liter up to 8.0 liter engine platforms.

The G42-1200 Compact, G42-1200, and G42-1450 turbochargers produce up to 1450 horsepower thanks to the ten blade, forged, fully-machined G Series compressor wheel with high flowing aero.

These low inertia compressor wheels are smaller in size and weight resulting faster boost response. (compared to GTX42) Garrett® G42-1200 is available in V-band, and compact compressor housing options.

The V-band compressor housing is outline interchangeable with GTX42 while the new Compact option is 4mm shorter axially and 29mm smaller radially


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