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The airbox on your vehicle plays an integral part in the performance of a combustion engine. It also houses the filter, which removes foreign particles from your air intake. Psico Performance is a manufacturer of airboxes and snorkels. These two parts go hand-in-hand to ensure your engine receives cool, clean air regardless of where you take your vehicle.


Choose a Psico Air Box for Your Car

Psico Y62 Patrol Air Box

This air box comprises 2.5 mm aluminium sheet metal that offers unmatchable durability and resistance to rust. The acrylic lid allows easy access to inspect and maintain the air filter. You can install the air box without a hassle, as it comes with easy-to-follow instructions and cutting templates. Furthermore, these air boxes can connect to plastic and stainless steel snorkels.

80 Series Landcruiser

This Australian-made air box is for the 1HD-T Landcruiser and features aluminium sheet metal to protect against deterioration. It uses the same location and mounting points as the factory-fitted air box. You can opt for a four-inch inlet to match similar snorkels. Additionally, these air boxes have a durable satin black powder coat finish.

The Best Snorkels For Your 4×4

Nissan Patrol GU – Four-Inch Stainless Steel

This snorkel comes with a black powder coat, and you can select from either a rear-facing or forward-facing one. If you select the forward-facing snorkel, you also can add a four-inch ram head. The inlet grill prevents large objects from entering the snorkel and causing damage. Since the snorkel is stainless steel, there aren’t any unnecessary joints ensuring maximum, efficient flow.

Ranger PX 4″ Stainless Steel

The Ranger snorkel kit comes with a high-quality, hand-crafted 316-grade stainless steel snorkel. It will fit the 2.0L, 2.2L and 3.2L engines. When you receive this kit, you’ll get a three-millimetre laser-cut end cap that welds and blends into the snorkel end. Additionally, we include the silicon joins, stainless hose clamps, nuts, bolts, and the instruction guide you’ll require to complete the installation.

The Go-To Supplier for Snorkels and Air Boxes

While we stock many brands in our store, we also manufacture certain parts. Simply shop online, add the items you want to your cart and use one of several payment methods to complete the purchase. It takes around four weeks to complete if you’ve ordered a snorkel that we produce. Even though we’re based in Queensland, we deliver to all parts of the country.

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