Rely on NPC Clutch Kits

Clutch selection depends on a range of factors, from longevity to pedal effort and clamp pressure. Selecting a clutch kit is important for an engine or gearbox conversion. For a range of NPC clutch kits, contact 962 Industries for quick and friendly assistance.


Established in 2005, NPC is a family-owned and operated business in Brisbane that has become a leading Australian supplier of performance clutches. We use only quality components from Original Equipment (OE) market. Hence, customers get the most out of their vehicles for various applications.

4WD diesel tuning constantly raises the bar in the quest for more power. From modified street vehicles to commercial vehicles, 4x4s and classic vehicles, custom products play a crucial role. Speak to the experienced team at 962 Industries for the best advice about custom products.

NPC clutch kits include the following:

Heavy-duty organic: An OE clutch and pressure plate are modified to ramp up the clamping force from 20% to 40% over standard. It combines a full-faced premium organic clutch plate for drivability, performance and smoothness without additional pedal effort.

  • Super heavy duty: This option offers a matched clutch kit set with a billet steel flywheel. While the clutch kit can be supplied independently, note it will only match its dedicated flywheel.
  • Ceramic button: Ideal for arduous road and competition applications where extra grip is essential to maintain power. Here the clamping force is 110% above standard, making it the perfect clutch kit for when engagement is not the main goal.
  • Cushioned ceramic: NPC’s extensive experience rebuilding multi-plate clutches is incorporated into its design and manufacture of twin-plate clutches. Our know-how translates into products that are dependable and adaptable according to specific requirements.
  • Twin plates: All NPC twin plates feature a push-type design. Options range from smooth engagement and easy pedal effort to more aggressive engagement for high horsepower street and strip racing applications.

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