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Diesel truck enthusiasts wanting to upgrade their engines for increased power and performance can opt for the popular PDI intercooler range from 962 Industries. The range is designed and manufactured by the leading performance components company Power Driven Diesel (PDI).

A PDI intercooler cools the compressed air entering an engine to improve combustion efficiency. As such, intercoolers are essential to a turbocharged or supercharged engine.


Performance diesel intercoolers increase cooling efficiency and reduce the pressure drop for improved airflow and increased power output. The PDI intercooler range from 962 Industries is engineered to fit diesel trucks from Dodge Ram to Ford F-Series and Chevy/GMC Duramax.
Manufactured from high-quality materials, bolt-on and custom options are available for different requirements. All intercoolers are tested rigorously to meet quality standards and provide reliable performance.

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Contact 962 Industries for advice about increasing the power and performance of your vehicle. We can recommend suitable products and custom kits from our wide range of leading brands and components. Our prices are competitive, and our friendly service guarantees the best for your vehicle.

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