75/79 Series Landcruiser 1HZ Turbo Kit


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1HZ Turbocharger Kits are The best way to gain Safe and Reliable Power, Torque and Even Fuel Economy for your Factory HZJ75, HZJ79, HZJ80, HZJ105.
These kits are Are based off the “Factory” CT26 Turbocharger Which Comes Factory on the 1HDT 1HD-FT Landcruiser Engines

1HZ Turbocharger Kit – the ultimate solution for unlocking safe and reliable power, torque, and even fuel economy in your factory HZJ75, HZJ79, HZJ80, or HZJ105. Designed based on the renowned “Factory” CT26 Turbocharger found in the 1HDT and 1HD-FT Landcruiser engines, this kit is a game-changer for your vehicle’s performance.

We proudly present the 962 Industries 1HZ Turbo Kit, a collaboration between three of Australia’s finest companies, dedicated to bringing you the ultimate Landcruiser enhancement.

The GTurbo Grunter Extreme Turbo Kit is the centerpiece of this kit. With its cutting-edge design, it enhances low-down response while efficiently delivering boost throughout the entire rev range. Boasting a design boost of 22psi, this turbo kit can operate smoothly from 14 to 28psi. If desired, you can increase the boost beyond the preset 18-22psi by adding a boost controller and gauge. Plus, it comes with a free 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.

The PDI Front Mount Intercooler, included in this kit, ensures optimal cooling efficiency. Measuring 645x240x65, this intercooler kit includes all the necessary parts for seamless fitment, allowing your engine to maximize its performance potential.

To complete the package, we’ve included a 3″ Manta Performance Exhaust, which is available in two configurations: Straight Through/Hot Dog or with a Muffler. This exhaust system not only improves performance but also adds a captivating sound to your Landcruiser’s engine.

For the convenience of customization, our kit can also be separated to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require individual components or the full package, we’ve got you covered.

The comprehensive kit includes the following components: GTurbo Grunter Extreme, Front Manifold Piece, Turbo Gaskets, Oil Line Feed and Return, New Stuts and Nuts, and Intake Piping. Additionally, the package features the PDI Intercooler Kit, complete with all the necessary parts for a seamless fit. You’ll also receive a complete 3″ Manta Exhaust, available in your choice of Straight Through/Hot Dog or with a Muffler. Lastly, the kit includes Intake Piping, ensuring optimal airflow from the airbox to the turbo and from the turbo to the crossover pipe. To guarantee a perfect fit, we’ve included a Genuine Gasket Kit, which consists of Toyota Genuine Manifold Gaskets and all other necessary gaskets for a hassle-free installation process.

Upgrade your Landcruiser’s performance with the 1HZ Turbocharger Kit. Experience the power, torque, and fuel efficiency gains you’ve always desired while maintaining reliability and safety. Trust in the expertise of 962 Industries and the excellence of GTurbo, PDI, and Manta Performance to deliver the ultimate turbo kit for your Landcruiser 1HZ engine.


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