Toyota Landcruiser HD-G350


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Badboy Summary
HD-G350 Vortex Red enhances low down response + dramatically effects the power level (a slight amount with the same fuel setting as the Grunter). Its design boost is 27psi and can be operated efficiently from 16 – 33psi. Fitting a boost controller and boost gauge will allow you to increase boost over the preset 25 – 28psi.
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Badboy Performance expectations
Standard the HDJ81 1HD-FT produces 368Nm of engine torque and 82-88rwkw. A Bad Boy turbo combined with a customised tune of the factory injection pump can expect 450-580Nm of engine torque and 125rwkw to 140rwkw, with up to 180kW when used with an efficient intercooler. Boost should reach a minimum of 9psi at 1500rpm when tuned correctly without intercooler or 14psi with intercooler. Installations with a large intercooler, 3” exhaust, custom injection pump and an upgraded air box and feed to turbo have yielded results as high as 200rwkw and torque over 800nm at the crankshaft.

Additional costs are required for tuning and installation


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