We Stock the 1hz Turbo Kit

Turn your Toyota into a performance beast with a 1hz turbo kit from our store. We provide a range of options to help you increase your vehicle’s torque in various rev ranges, depending on your requirements. Choose 962 Industries and experience increased power.


What to Consider When Buying a Toyota 1hz Turbo Kit

Before you commit to a specific turbo kit, consider the following:

  • Brands. You first want to ensure that you’re buying a turbo that can accommodate your vehicle. Our descriptions clearly show which turbo kits suit which vehicles. Alternatively, you can use our live chat to ask questions.
  • Kit or Turbo Only. While we stock entire turbo kits, we can also provide you with individual parts if you’re after that instead.
  • Read Product FAQs. This info will tell you about the wastegate, whether you need water cooling and more. If you view an item, there are a few common questions asked about it. Make sure you read those to clear up any questions regarding the components included in the kits.

Order Your Turbo Kit Now

Call us now if you have questions, or use our quick and easy online ordering to add your new turbo kit to your cart and check out in no time.

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