GTurbo HD-G300 Grunter Extreme (Green Wheel Vortex II)


Gtrubo Greenwheel Vortex II HD-G300

Excellent Upgrade for all your Landcruiser 1HZ, 1HDT 1HDFT 1HDFTE Engines!


Grunter Summary

Toyota Landcruiser 1HZ, 1HDT 1HDFT 1HDFTE Engines Upgrade for your HZJ75 HZJ80 HZj79 HZJ105 ! HD-G300 Vortex Greens enhance low down response + the ability to carry the boost efficiently throughout the rev range. Its design boost is 22psi and can be operated efficiently from 14 – 28psi. Fitting a boost controller and boost gauge will allow you to increase boost over the preset 18 – 22psi.

Grunter Performance expectations
Standard the HDJ81 1HD-FT produces 368Nm of engine torque and 82-88rwkw. A Grunter Extreme turbo combined with a customized tune of the factory injection pump can expect 480-580NM of engine torque and 120rwkw to 135rwkw. Boost should reach a minimum of 10psi at 1500rpm when tuned correctly. Installations with a large intercooler, 3″ exhaust, custom injection pump and an upgraded airbox and feed to turbo have yielded results as high as 165rwkw and torque over 700nm at the crankshaft.

Free 1 Year Warranty included
Additional costs are required for tuning and installation.
Gasket Kit Included



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