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Want to make your ATV, UTV, 4×4 or truck stand out from the pack? 962 Industries has a range of single or spiral LED whip lights. This off-road vehicle accessory – comprising a pole attached to a base with an array of LED lights embedded in the so-called whip – is ideal for decorative lighting for various vehicles. We have assorted sizes available, plus a wide choice of pre-programmed colour modes sure to make a statement.


Our LED whip lights use a convenient 12 V power source. They are guaranteed to be the brightest in the market, with extra features such as waterproofing. Set-up is a fast five minutes, with both single and spiral or twisted options fitting neatly onto the bull bar or rear of your 4WD vehicle. In addition, a quick-release feature allows for easy detachment.

Choose Us for Reliable LED Whip Lights

LED whip light advantages include:

  • At a lifespan of over 50 000 hours, our LED whip lights are guaranteed to be long-lasting.
  • The robust construction means they are rugged enough for rough terrain.
  • Fast installation and a quick release make our LED whip lights a cinch to use.
  • A one-year warranty gives our customers peace of mind.

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