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GTurbo™: For Increased Torque Power

We provide options for a Gturbo™ if you want to boost your vehicle’s performance with equipment from a world-renowned brand. As a result, getting exceptional performance and efficiency from your car has never been easier.

What to Know About GTurbo™ Green Wheel and Red Wheel

Here are the essential things you should know about the GTurbo™ Red Wheel and Green Wheel turbos we have available:

  • Green Wheel. GTurbo™ operates on tiers, with their Green Wheel being part of their S2 range. The S2 range was designed for those who want increased towing performance, such as farmers or tradies. These provide strong engine torque in the lower 40-60% rev range.
  • Red Wheel. Where the Green Wheel is part of the S2 range, the Red Wheel is part of the S3 range. The S3 range is meant for those who want ultimate performance for the strongest possible torque for their engines in the 50-80% rev range.

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