Landcruiser VDJ 76/78/79 Series Front Mount Intercooler Kits


We are convinced our PDI Landcruiser VDJ79 Front mount intercooler is the best choice for those looking to make more power or want to help the engine maintain its power delivery when run under constant high load. Our Mk3 intercooler kit is fitted to a VDJ76 pumping out over 500rwhp.

·       Works with any bull-bar and winch installation – no cutting like other models.

·       Has all of the core above the bumper and bull-bar for exposure to cool air.

·       Will not cause any overheating.

On standard injectors, a late model dual cab has made 220rwkw with the assistance of our PDI front mount. In a single quick run you can do that with other intercoolers but our kits have shown they can repeat this many times due to the superior heat dissipation.

If all you want is better towing performance or reduced EGT for highway driving we have a very satisfied customer reporting a drop from 330degC to 280degC when compared to the leading aftermarket top mounted intercooler.  Your engine will be more spirited due to the cooler intake temperatures.

The PDI Landcruiser VDJ79 Front mount intercooler provides the best intercooling for both high load and low speed work. The core sits close to the condenser which results in air being pulled through by the engines main cooling fan while working hard but while

Tests we’ve done have shown the drop in post intercooler intake air temperature was 3x greater with the PDI intercooler than the best of the aftermarket top mount options currently available.  The intake air temperatures were cooler at all speeds.

Single Entry

We have a single entry forward facing adapter available, which is proving to be very popular. This cleans up the engine bay with a more retro look. EGR system functionality is removed for this option. Customers report a better bottom end and increased responsiveness.

With the single entry the butterflies are no longer used or bolted to the engine. For pre 2014 models they can be removed from the engine after an ECU re-flash. For later models, there is no way to remove the throttle bodies so they must be remounted in the engine bay to your desired location.

NOTE: Due to change in chassis on the latest revision of the single cab VDJ79 to get ANCAP rating we can only supply this kit in single entry design.

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On the current model Landcruiser V8 diesels, Toyota have placed the intercooler on the top of the engine helped to keep production and assembly costs lower. The objective of power and emissions could be met with this setup for normal usage. It was not chosen as the most effective cooling solution – that can be found on the current model Prado and Hilux, which have front mounted intercoolers.

By placing the intercooler at the front you get best cooling available.  We’ve never heard of a top mounted radiator and thats because the cold air isn’t there.  Testing, performed on a VDJ70 series (tuned to around 150rwkw) showed that (at full load) the factory top mount was able to cool the pressurised inlet air charge from around 180-190degC down to 88degC (60% efficient).  The leading aftermarket top mount intercooler, further brought this temp down to 75degC – (70% efficient and a 15% drop in maximum temperature).  On the same vehicle, our PDI front mount was tested and the temperature reached a maximum of 47degC (87% efficient and a 46% drop in temperature and over 3x more effective than the best aftermarket upgraded top mounted intercooler available. The benefit of a PDI front mount is even greater when power is increased as the boost is higher, more heat is radiated from the engine and the heat required to be removed increases.

We have installed a number of the PDI front mount kits with great results. When done on its own, the difference it makes to the performance is immediately detectable as the engine control system is adjusting performance based on inlet air temperature and the performance is more spirited under all conditions.  The cooler the weather the better your turbo engine performs and this is due to cooler intake temperatures.  Customers have reported the PDI intercooler is the best mod they have done for both regular driving and or chasing all out power.

The Mk3 core dimensions are 700x260x76 and is around 10% larger than the previous design. The Mk2 has proven itself to be highly effective and is on cruisers pushing 300rwkw. Upgrades are now allowing tuners to push beyond that, so we have designed the Mk3 core to be even more effective. It has been made to have the maximum width (700mm) with custom end tanks and 3” outlets that go through next to the headlights into the engine bay. The increased width gives the core better cooling capability as more fresh air is being pushed and drawn through for further improved cooling.

The Mk3 has the reduced height. This was done for a few reasons:

1.     The bottom of the Mk3 sits higher so that the fresh air is able to fully cover the core. With the PDI Mk2 300mm high core (or bigger by others) some of the core is in front of the 40mm high horizontal cross-member so there is basically no cooling through that part of the intercooler and anything below the cross-member has reduced cooling capability as it is behind the bulbar or bullbar plus any possible winch installation. Even though the Mk3 is 10% larger we expect the improved capability will at least 15%. The Mk3 eliminates areas of the core that are not being cooled so there will be no warm stream of boosted air being blended with the optimally cooled air so the overall result is improved.

2.     This allows the new Mk3 core to be closer to the condenser, which means there will be more effective pull from the engine cooling fan at low speed. Being close, it will be possible to make the seal even better with foam packing to further increase the draw through.

3.     No cutting to the bulbar will be required.

Our PDI kits do not interfere with the airbag sensors at the front so these kits can be installed on current model 70 series. No cutting of the structure needs to be done. Only the grill and lower painted panel will need to cut and ground to make room.

Kit includes

– brackets for mounting the intercooler with additional bolts

– intercooler

– stainless 2.5″ and 3″ pipework

– heavy duty silicon elbows and joiners

– wiring extensions for sensor relocation.

– quality Hi-Torque Breeze liner clamps

– installation guide.

To install you will need

– normal spanners and sockets

– hammer and large adjustable spanner or bar to adjust support panel.

– metal snips or body saw for trimming lower painted panel.

– power tool to trim down the back of the grill for refitting.

Additional information

Weight 300 kg


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