Holden Colorado RG 2012+ / Holden Trailblazer 2012-2020 PDI Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler


The Holden Colorado 2012+ / Holden Trailblazer 2012-2020 PDI Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler boasts 48 plates in a 280x280x38mm core this unit is rated at 29,000BTU. This unit exceeds the efficiency rating of other single and dual cooler (run in series) systems on the market with the addition benefit of being stacked plate which also offers less restriction to flow. You may note that others aren’t specifying the unit rating which typically it is untested or they don’t want to make it easy to compare products.

By default, all PDI external transmission coolers are design to be market leading through:

· Maximum efficiency BTU (energy dissipation unit of measure) stacked plate coolers. These are the premium design cooler, notably better than “Tube and Fin” or “Plate and Fin” setups, known for being more efficient as well as being more expensive.

· Steel one-piece brackets (zinc plated and coated) to eliminate flexing of the aluminium cooler. We don’t want stainless brackets that look cool but are brittle and cause corrosion to the steel parts they are bolted to.

· High quality transmission cooler hose (rated to 400psi).

· Optimised location with transmission cooler mounted in front of the hot side of the intercooler – this is to ensure it doesn’t put heat straight back into the intake air as higher intake temps mean torque is reduced and the transmission can make much more heat if this results in it coming out of lockup.

· Outlets on either side or top to prevent air locks inside the transmission cooler.

NOTE: Having the outlets at the bottom will make the installation easier as the pipes are run down under the radiator, BUT if you get an airlock (from initial installation empty) there is a strong chance you will never actually fill the top of the coolers with fluid and designed cooler efficiency may never be reached.

· Designed to work with either the factory intercooler or a PDI upgraded front mounted intercooler.

Suitable Holden Colorado and TrailBlazer RG 6 Speed Automatic 2012-current.

For information on the upgraded PDI front mounted intercooler kit with stainless piping Click here

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