80 Series 1FZ Turbo Intercooler Kit


1FZ Turbo Intercooler Kit

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80 series Landcruiser 1FZ Intercooler kit.
Perfect for Big Boost Applications

Bolt on option for your 80 series Landcruiser with High Mount Manifold
Available For Automatic And Manual Transmission!

Our Landcruiser 80 series Front mount provides maximum intercooler exposure and flow. Large core with 2 1/2″ stainless pipework to and from the intercooler. Does not go through wheel arch and works with factory dual battery boxes.

These kits aim to get the best flow and the largest core that can be reasonably fitted. This size core has been shown to support well over 300rwkw on a stroked and modified 1HZ turbo.

Very popular kit, due to its effective and efficient design and you will find lots of positive feedback on many forums from owners.



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