PDI Toyota Prado 150 Series Upgraded Front Mounted Intercooler




Not suited for models after 8/2020 with push on/circlip style fittings.

We have a few of the PDI Prado 150 intercooler upgrades is the biggest intercooler we could fit in the 150 Series Prado. A standard size card table was the best size comparison we could use – its THAT big. Also its installed in the standard location (between the radiator and AC condenser).

With 28% larger surface area than the factory core and 40% more surface area than a standard 600×300 intercooler. This aims to cover high load and performance applications.

2.6 x thickness of factory intercooler

3.33 x core volume increase from factory intercooler

Significantly better flowing end tanks

Released as a replacement intercooler with mounting and instructions. We also have transmission coolers, which exceed the specifications of other kit systems available as well as offer a relocation of the thermo fan to the other side to maximise intercooler capability.


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