Prado 120 Front Mounted intercooler kit


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The best intercooler for the Prado 120 series for anyone wanting the best out of their engine, for either towing or performance upgrades.

It was always going to be a difficult one due to limited space on the drivers side for piping from the front. After a few revisions this allowed us to get the maximum intercooler size and the placement is as high as we could get it. Placement is very important to maximise cooling, reduce potential for damage and to allow them to be fitted with winches.

Inlet temps have dropped significantly and the owner reporting that “its like driving it on a cold day all the time now” with inlet air temps 4-6deg above ambient.

The next generation of Prado (150 series) is factory fitted with a front mounted intercooler for the purpose of increase efficiency so this can now be experienced with the PDI intercooler in the 120 series Prado.

Core is 600x265x76mm and is placed as high as possible for maximum exposure to cool air. We have utilised 63mm stainless piping where possible.


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