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Get more out of your vehicle with our GU Patrol turbo or other turbo kits. We provide a range of options to help you unlock the potential of your car through more efficient air delivery into the engine. Choose 962 Industries for your turbo requirements.


Why Consider a Nissan Patrol TD42 Turbo Upgrade or Similar Options?

With so many people choosing turbocharged engines nowadays, you might wonder why. Here are some of the top reasons to consider a turbo upgrade for your vehicle:

  • Increased Power. Turbos provide more power to your engine by utilising the engine’s expelled hot air to turn the compressor wheel and take in more outside air. This results in more torque and horsepower for the car.
  • Increased Efficiency. Since the turbo utilises the hot air expelled from the engine to improve airflow to the engine, it results in less produced ‘waste’. This reduced waste means that your engine will operate with increased fuel efficiency.

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