Nissan Patrol TD42 Vortex II Blue


  • Oil Line Fitting Kit Included


Want the best for your TD42? You’ve found it! Our latest edition to the TD42 GTurbo family is the Bad Boy Extreme Vortex II – Blue Wheel.

The Blue Wheel was redesigned from the ground up to provide “bolt on” perfomance for your TD42 previously unavailable in the market. That is, this turbo provides high boost (up to 42psi if required) with low backpressure yet is responsive in the lower rpm range – this leads to greater efficiency and lower peak cylinder pressure when operating at the same boost).

Independant tests vs a previously common turbo upgrade (Custom TD05-18G) verified the Blue Wheel to have lower exhaust manifold backpressure through the entire rev range than the tested TD05 despite the GTurbo operating at 38psi vs only 26psi on the TD05. Lower backpressure equates to lower crankshaft stress – a primary concern for every TD42 owner.

That’s amazing! And you would expect more power too right? Indeed, 37% higher power with leaner Air to Fuel ratios

All this is available with only a small sacrifice in bottom end redponse of 150-200rpm meaning this turbo can be used even on mild setups giving you room to grow with your project in the future. This small sacrifice in response also equates to an increase in power at the same fuel delivery meaning improved fuel economy in all driving modes and more power for your existing setup.

The Bad Boy Extreme Vortex II Blue Wheel design peak boost is 42psi and can be operated efficiently from 18 – 42psi depending on supporting performance parts installed one the engine system.

Performance Expectations
Standard the TD42T produces ~380Nm of engine torque and ~80kW at the wheels on Std tyres. With a Blue Wheel combined with a customised tune of the factory injection pump (while in car), you can expect 600Nm of engine torque and 150-160kW at the wheels. Installations with a large intercooler, 3” exhaust, custom injection pump and an upgraded air box and air feed to turbo can yield results as high as 250kW at the wheels and torque over 1000nm at the crankshaft.

The Bad Boy Extreme Vortex II Blue Wheel is available with a round mouth 3.5” entry and 2” exit. The oil line fitting we supply with the turbo consists of a JIC 4mm connector for the pressure feed and a ¾” hose tail for the outlet drain.


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