Toyota Hilux Turbo 1KD N70 KD-G250 (Stage 2 Grunter)


Toyota Hilux Turbo KD-G250 Greenwheel (Stage 2 Grunter)

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This specification targets great low down response and the ability to carry the performance/boost efficiently throughout the rev range. The Grunter turbo has a high response turbine wheel, larger and more efficient compressor wheel, upgraded thrust bearings, 30% stronger main shaft and a higher flow VNT system. Its design boost is 26psi and can be operated efficiently from 10 – 32psi Max. Suggested tuning to 30psi. A tune is essential to be able to achieve an increase in boost and optimised VNT control.

Performance Expectations
Standard the 1KD-FTV produces 127kW and 343-400nm of engine power/torque which when measured at the wheels becomes around 270-310Nm and 92-96kW. Typically, when used in conjuction with a customer intercooler and ECU tune,  power is increased to around 140-160rwkW and torque to 600nm depending on the year of the vehicle. Installations with a large intercooler, 3” exhaust and an upgraded injectors have yielded results as high as 200rwkw and torque over 700nm at the wheels. An upgraded clutch is mandatory if you have a manual

Common supporting modifications
Exhaust upgrade, front mount intercooler, upgraded air filter, and high flow injectors. Call us to discuss what is the best items to upgrade to deliver you the best result for your dollar.

– 1 Year Warranty on all products.
– Supplied turbos are on an exchange basis. Additional costs are required for tuning and installation


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