Toyota Hilux N70 / N80 05-On Adjustable Upper Control Arms


PSR’s Toyota Hilux N70 / N80 Adjustable Upper Control Arms are without a doubt the best replacement arm on the market. The stand out feature is the industry first 360 degree rubber bush, to explain the concept, firstly rubber is the best option for the inner pivot bush in a UCA but it has limitations, this limitation is due to standard manufacturing techniques where the bush is bonded to the outer housing and inner crush tube. When rotated past its yield of rotation it will tear the bushing, a rubber bonded bush only has a certain amount of rotation depending on many factors. It is a fine line between too much rubber, allowing the bush to have too much movement (deflection) for the application, and not enough rubber, during rotation there won’t be enough material to allow for rotation, meaning it will tear. Our bushing has bonding to the outer only, while the inner is held tightly by exact tolerances to act as if it is bonded but when it rotated it can still allow the inner crush tube to rotate freely. What does this mean, well when a conventional bush is rotated too far it tears, ours doesn’t meaning you get long life with the ride benefits of rubber over polyurethane! Further to this polyurethane requires maintenance, greasing to keep in service and rotating correctly, rubber does not, why OE manufacturers use rubber bushings also!

Further to this we have vastly improved the geometry of the Toyota front end by careful placement of the ball joint pivot point. As other advertise a certain degree increase its not that simple, having the ball joint where it will not bind under droop or under full bump is imperative, this combined with the clearance to the coil spring and alignment positioning to get exact alignment depending on lifts is critical. All factors have been perfected with the PSR adjustable UCA.

Large emphasis has also been placed into making the arm strong with additional gusseting between tubes and ball joint housing, plus the high quality black powder coating finish means PSR arm is truly the best arm on the market.

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  • Revolutionary rubber 360 degree inner pivot bush, uncompromised ride quality and life span
  • On car adjustment via inner turnbuckle, no sliding ball joint that requires suspension to be unloaded for wheel alignment adjustments AND risk sliding during operation
  • Corrected geometry and the most amount of travel possible from a standard replacement control arm in the market
  • Adjustable to suit lifts of 2-4″ and allow corrected position of CV joint in CV cup
  • Tube design with gusset for greater clearance and maximum strength of assembly
  • Powdercoated black for a discrete look
  • Quality Heavy Duty ball joint


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