Toyota Hilux 3.0lt D-4D HPD Catch Can


There are 2 Kits to suit the Toyota D4D KUN26/N70 Hilux.

The air intake pipe direction varys within the range from 2005/2015. Please select the correct application to suit your car from the photos provided.
Type 1 kit Airbox outlet points to firewall / Type 2 kit Airbox outlet points towards motor.

Type 1 fits up to approx 2008 models, Type 2 is for 2008 onwards.

Another way to check is by a space between the airbox outlet and the brake master cylinder for a Type 2 kit install. Otherwise a Type 1 kit fits on the inner gaurd.

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Why Choose a HPD Catch Can / Oil Separator?

HPD Catch cans are environentally friendly

Environmentally Safe 100% Compliant with Emissions Regulations

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HPD Catch cans are environentally friendly

No Ongoing Maintenance Costs

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HPD Catch cans are environentally friendly

Easy to Install & Maintain

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HPD Catch cans are environentally friendly

Australian Made – Maximum Quality & Durability

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HPD Catch cans are environentally friendly

Safe Crank Case Pressure

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Key Benefits:

  • Reduces oil in intake system
  • Allows intercooler to work efficiently
  • Eliminates carbon & oil build up in inlet manifold
  • Keeps inlet ports and valves clean
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Reduces exhaust smoke
  • Maintains economy
  • Keeps air and map sensors clean
  • Maintains engine performance

Kit features:

  • Billet Alluminum Catch can
  • Internal stainless mesh filters
  • Dipstick to check oil level
  • Simply unscrew base to empty oil
  • 16mm Screw in hose fittings
  • Mounting brackets & hoses

How Does a Catch Can Protect Your Engine?

HPD catch cans / oil air separators prevent oil from entering the intake manifold and mixing with the carbon from the EGR system, clogging up vital components and potentially causing damage (see blocked intake manifold in image A).

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Why fitting a HPD Catch Can is particularly important for modern Diesel vehicles?

Modern 4WDs tend to have more complex parts in the intake manifold such as sensors and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valves that can malfunction due to the film of oil produced by vapour from the crankcase breather system.

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