Super Heavy Duty Organic Clutch & Flywheel Package (Alloy Flywheel Package 9KG)


Super Heavy Duty kits are a unique heavy-duty organic clutch kit coupled with a dedicated aluminum flywheel which must be fitted as a set. Designed to provide smooth engagement and excellent drivability. This package includes a specially designed alluminium flywheel with an 8mm thick steel insert for the clutch contact face. This is the lightest flywheel in the range and would be suitable for those who are chasing maximum engine response. *Important: This package will only suit the factory non-turbo engine (The crank bolt pattern is different between turbo & non-turbo. For turbo crank pattern see the NPC7235-3HD range).

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Type: Super Heavy Duty
Clutch Plate Dimension:
Dual Mass Flywheel: N/A
Solid Flywheel: Included
Concentric Slave Cylinder: Not Included
Maximum Measured Dyno Figures at the Wheels:: 1000NM
Spigot: Included
Aligning Tool: Included
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