Recovery Tow Points Pair suitable for Nissan Navara D40


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Roadsafe Recovery Tow Point Pair Nissan Navara D40 NAV40

Included with the tow points are all the high tensile bolts and any additional vehicle specific mounting hardware required including instructions. Following these instructions ensures the tow points will be at their optimum Work Load Limit as stamped. It is recommended that the tow points be fitted by a qualified mechanic with 4WD experience regarding vehicle weights, style of bull bar / bumper and intended use as under certain circumstances they may not be suitable for your vehicle.

These tow points have not been tested for lifting and should not be used as such. During recovery operations it is important that both recovery points are used as this shares the load, increasing strength and improving safety. The use of a bridle strap is also recommended as in case of failure, recovery components will remain tethered, reducing risk of serious injury or death. Also remember to adequately prepare for the recovery to reduce strain on the vehicle to be recovered, by digging, rock placement etc


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