PULSAR Billet S488 Turbo with 96mm Turbine wheel




  • 7+7 blades 88*117mm billet compressor wheel with extended tip technology for the ultimate in aerodynamics
  • S400 96*88mm Inconel 713 turbine wheel for high-temperature operation
  • T6 Divided turbine housings in 1.32A/R? or 1.58 A/R with 5″ V Band Outlet 5.75 OD Marmon flange
  • T4 Divided turbine housing in 1.25 A/R
  • Compressor flow rated at 120 lb/min capabilities ranging from 750 to 1400 horsepower
  • Compressor Wheel: 88*117mm
  • Turbine Wheel: 96*88mm
  • Compressor Inlet: 5″ Hose
  • Compressor Outlet: V-Band
  • Turbine Inlet: T6 or T4
  • Turbine Outlet: 5.75″ Marmon(T6) or 4″ V-Band(T4)
  • Oil Feed: 1/4 NPT
  • Oil Drain: Std T6 Drain Flange


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