PDI Nissan Patrol Series 4 GU ZD30 CRD (& DI) TD42 Front Mount intercooler Kit


Please be advised intercooler kits suited for TD42 are currently on pre-order with the ETA of January 2024.


In early 2021, PDI developed their new generation intercooler kit for the GU Patrol with an updated core design to give better clearance around the bullbar mounts and sat back further. It was also much bigger – around 40% larger frontal cross-sectional area than a “standard” 600x300mm core. The extra large core is 675 x 370 x 76 and is ideal for those needing the best intercooling for maximum efficiency gains.

New design #2 – following the above fitment we knew a smaller intercooler for most customers would be ample so raised the bottom of the core 110mm (core dimensions 675 x 260 x 76). Also only suitable to the series 4 GU – this is due to the different upper radiator support panel and bonnet latch position. This design gives assurance of clearance to all bullbar and winch installs.

Both of the above designs use the intercooler outlet locations so the engine type will require a different piping setup.

We have the ZD30 kit pipes sorted and shortly after we will be finalising out the last of the TD42 pipes.

The ZD30 has always been highly strung from the factory with rich air fuel ratios and relatively low boost they exhibit very high EGT – only turbo I’ve seen glowing red on the dyno. Once pushed a little harder the top mount design isn’t effective. Replacement top mounted designs aren’t a lot better and we’ve heard of lots of extra constant induction noise with the top mount intercooler. Our front mount is the solution to this as the drop in inlet air temperatures is significant resulting in much lower EGT and improved performance and noticeable economy improvements.

The ZD30 kit will feature 2 1/2″ stainless pipework to and from the intercooler with the stainless necking down to 2” to roll over 180deg and line up with the turbo outlet. This means no elbows coming off the turbo getting blasted with a constant flow of hot air. Our silicon joiner here now has an oil resistant coating. Piping on turbo side briefly goes through the wheel arch but is in stainless so is very unlikely to get damaged. The inlet side piping is also 2.5” stainless and has a joiner in the middle. 2 ports are located on the pipe before intake for connection to the MAP sensor and a spare outlet.

The TD42 has long been a favourite and with the appropriate mods, can be a solid performer. Our front mounted intercooler will maintain cold day driving performance. We also run through the very front of the passenger side wheel arch area and into the engine bay. Connection to the turbo can be fun as there are many different turbo setups and orientations people run. We can supply an adapter to bold to the factory turbo outlet. The intake side has three parts with the top one being an intake adapter that bolts to the manifold. This adapter has a 1/8”NPT port with brass barb for a boost source.

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Patrol Series 1 from 1997 to April 2000 – please select alternate kit

Patrol Series 2 from April 2000 to October 2001 – please select alternate kit

Patrol Series 3 from October 2001 to October 2004 – please select alternate kit

Patrol Series 4 from October 2004 to 2016 – PDI kit suitable for all Nissan diesel engines.


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