PDI Isuzu D-Max / Holden Colorado 2008-2012 RC (plus RA with 4JJ1) Front Mount intercooler


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Also fits the RA series fitted with the 4JJ1 engine

The development is complete for the PDI Holden Colorado RC Front Mount intercooler and Isuzu D-Max. We successfully completed the test fitment of our custom intercooler early April 2019 and we have a front mount kit worth of the mighty 4JJ1.

The 3L Isuzu engine with the 4JJ1 and has shown to have great potential for those wanting to achieve more. A number of bolt on power upgrades are available, but with the factory top mount intercooler power delivery is limited as inlet air temperatures rise with increased boost or sustained high load.

At 565x310x76mm, the core is 30% larger than other kit offerings and will benefit from the improvements we have been making across the range to have the best kits in the market. Connection off the turbo is a 2” straight silicon into a 2” 180 stainless bend to drop down behind the airbox. The pipe expands to 2.5” after the 180 and joins onto the intercooler with another 2.5” straight silicon. On the cold side the intercooler is connected with a 2.5” straight joiner and then we have a custom 180deg elbow that expands to go onto the up facing factory inlet manifold adapter.

Winch compatible as it sits behind the support frame. The clearances are perfect for us to maximise the intercooler size.

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