MANTA Exhaust Nissan Navara D23 NP300 2.3L Turbo Diesel (with dpf) 2015on


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A popular upgrade for the D23 NP300 2.3L turbo diesel Navara is the fitment of the 3″ Manta exhaust system. Our exhaust can replace the restrictive factory exhaust system right up to the Turbo face, and we also have the option to go from the DPF back.

As the factory DPF absorbs a lot of noise, our DPF back system is pipe only to give you maximum sound with minimum restrictions. Replacing your standard exhaust with the full Manta 3” version has a number of positive effects including reduced turbo lag, improved responsiveness, reduced exhaust gas temperatures, increased power and torque, and reduced fuel consumption.

If you are going turbo back (intended for race and offroad use) we have 3 different sound levels – quiet (close to factory, with a high flow muffler), medium (louder noise level, with a hotdog resonator to take the edge off the note), and loud (pipe only). If you are looking for a system with no in cabin drone, we recommend the quiet option.

Maximise your fuel economy and performance on your Navara today with the Manta performance exhaust system!

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