Mazda BT50 / PX Ranger Diff Drop System


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  • Mazda BT50 1 – 2 / PX MK1, MK2 and MK3 Ranger Diff Drop System (weld in)
  • Also suits Ford Everest
  • Requires MOD/CUT to chassis, comes with PSRMAZ-003
  • Lowers CV to reduce CV bind due to angle
  • Does NOT roll the diff like a bolt in diff drop will causing issues (bolt in still requires cutting to the chassis by removal of the RH diff mount)
  • If fitted to above 3″ an aftermarket control arm is required and MUST be adjustable to “pull wheels out” due to plunge issue of bottoming out CV joint – FIXED ARMS DO NOT WORK ON THIS PLATFORM
  • Reduce boot rib contact which wears out boots
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PSR has always been the original company to design and engineer solutions that work, this cannot be truer with the diff drop for the strut front Mazda BT50 and Ford PX ranger.Our WELD IN diff drop is the only solution to actually work. It drops the diff down the correct amount that means the inner CV joint cannot pull out in either down or up travel. To compare to a bolt in item, which still requires cutting to the chassis and removal of a factory mount, all bolt in items roll the diff forward and put the front tailshaft on a considerable angle. While a spacer is supplied to centralise the joint, this action means there is considerably less plunge (working surface) available in the joint, and therefore when in reverse generally pulls apart, resulting in catastrophic failure of the joint.The kit comes complete with all items to install to all chassis variations including a tailshaft spacer which addresses the issue of a short shaft from factory. Also supplied with the kit is 2 machine grade plastic spacers that are installed into the right hand side mount. This greatly reduces the amount of movement that the diff has, thus keeping the CV joint from potentially popping out during down travel and extreme acceleration. We have sold thousands, YES thousands of diff drops without issue and guarantee longer CV and CV boot life along with the ability to fit a larger lift than with no diff drop.

NOTE: DO NOT USE WITH FIXED UPPER CONTROL ARMS. Our UCA’s are designed to work with this chassis platform, other companies only offer one style of arm, we on the other hand offer a solution that is suited to the chassis platform and what is required.

This vehicle needs adjustable upper control arms when lifting over 3″ OR when using a long travel shock in combo with our diff drop. If fixed arms are used you will end up with a plunge issue as the shaft is “sucked in” as the suspension travels down / lifted. The adjustable arm is designed to work in conjunction with the lower camber pins to “pull” the stub axle out, thus stopping the joint from having any plunge issues or bottoming out. This bottoming out is the inner joint literally smashing itself on the inner cup under acceleration which destroys the joint in a limited time frame.

All items that are to be welded come raw, all items that are bolt in are supplied powdercoated black.

Do not substitute your vehicles longevity and performance with an inferior “bolt in diff drop”, choose the superior option!


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