LANDCRUISER Front or Rear Diff Flange 27 Spline Multidrilled


Front or Rear Diff Flange Multidrilled 27 spline suitable for Landcruiser Hilux


This is a brand new quality aftermarket Multidrilled Diff Flange 27 spline 38mm

Suitable for:

Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series, HDJ78, HDJ79 (Front Diff only) built from 08/1999 to 01/2002 only.

Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series, FJ80, FZJ80, HDJ80, HZJ80 (Front Diff only) built from 01/1990 to 12/1997 runout.

Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series, FZJ105, HZJ105 (Front Diff only) built from 01/1998 to 01/2002 only.

Toyota 4Runner, LN60, LN61, LN130, RN130, YN63 (Rear Diff only) built from 01/1984 to 12/1996.

Toyota Hilux LN65, LN106, RN105, YN65, YN67 (Front Diff only) built from 01/1984 to 2001 only.

Toyota Hilux LN40, LN65, LN106, LN107, LN111, KZN165, LN167, LN172, RN30, RN41, RN105, RN110, RZN169, RZN174, YN65, YN67 (Rear Diff only) built from 01/1980 to 2001 only.

Toyota Hiace, LH30, LH60, LH70, RH11, RH16, RH20, RH22, RH32, RH42, YH61, YH63, (Rear Diff only) built from 01/1971 to 12/1989.


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