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The Navara and Pathfinder STX 550 is a powerhouse in its own right with a 3.0ltr V6 Renault-built V9X motor putting out 170kw at the flywheel from factory.
Shortly after the release of this vehicle a very apparent problem arose. The factory intercoolers would split away from where the end tanks would be pressed together with a o-ring between or crack the core within the first 100000kms causing boost leaking issues. On further inspection we found the factory intercooler to also be majorly restrictive and under engineered.
We set to delivering a solution to this problem and the HPD V6 Navara intercooler kit was born.
We designed a huge 600x300x76mm front mounted bar and plate core and wrapped it with 2 cast aluminium end tanks. Not only is this core going to have amazing thermal efficiency but the free flowing nature of a HPD core removed the restriction issue of the factory intercooler.
Laser cut brackets and gussets were then TIG welded to the end tanks along with a billet CNC machined MAP sensor mount so that this cooler can be installed directly back on to the factory mounting points. Large aluminium mandrel bent piping was then added to compliment the quality and design of the rest of the intercooler kit.
Last we designed a Billet aluminium turbocharger adaptor to connect the whole kit to the factory turbo compressor housing.

This kit’s stunning looks are perfectly complemented by its superior performance and quality of build and we are confident you will agree.
Although Intercoolers will support cold charge air allowing a vehicle to be tuned to a higher power spec, rarely do they instantly produce detectable power with no other performance modifications or tuning. Well this kit will unleash up to a massive 11kw+ of power and even more with supporting modifications like an exhaust and remap tuning.

Kit features:

  • Bar & Plate Core 600x300x76mm
  • Alloy mandrel bent piping
  • Quality silicone hoses
  • German made load rated hose clamps
  • Billet alloy turbo adapter
  • Hot side piping 57mmø
  • Cold side piping 63mmø
  • 1/8 bsp boost reference point
  • Integrated laser cut TIG welded mounting brackets
  • Direct fitment to stock mounting points

HPD 4WD intercooler kits are designed to give amazing performance, reliability, consistent and sustainable power. By reducing inlet temperatures you will also reduce engine running temperatures.

The comprehensive kit has been manufactured with careful research and development. Each kit is vehicle specific with a heat exchanger, alloy mandrel bent piping, quality silicone hoses and fittings.

Our Intercooler Kits are easy to install with basic workshop tools and backed by the HPD team who can help you at any step of the way. With our dealer network Australia wide, you guys that don’t like to get your hands dirty can have your kit installed by a qualified technician. Our front mounted intercoolers don’t suffer from heat soak from high under bonnet temperatures like top mounted intercoolers or water to air intercoolers which at low speed – hard slogging can increase inlet temperatures.

HPD intercooler kits suit all the leading aftermarket turbo kits that don’t have an option for intercooling, allowing you to increase the performance, reliability and fuel efficiency of your 4WD.


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