PDI Toyota Hilux N80 Front Mount Intercooler kit


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Upgraded intercooler for the 1GD powered N80 Hilux and Fortuner. These are the largest intercooler for the N80 Hilux and Fortuner on the market with core dimensions 520x300x76mm

Kit includes

  • Intercooler which bolts in on factory mounts

  • 63mm (2.5”) stainless steel piping

  • 4 heavy duty (5 ply) silicon joiners and

  • high torque liner clamps.

  • drain hole in the bottom of the passenger side end tank.

This is suited for those who are looking to have better performance while towing or upgrade the turbo for more power and need to lower their intake temperatures for optimal tuning potential.


Also suitable for the updated model, which as the push on flexible intercooler piping. For these kits we have produced extra bolt on parts to the engine which replicate the N80 clamp on system. Long term this is a better solution, as finding replacement pipes in the country for a fancy push-on system is not going to be easy so you will end up limping home with hard any power while running naturally aspirated.


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