D-MAX 6 speed Heavy Duty Organic Clutch Kit (suit factory flywheel)


These kits start with a premium quality O.E (original equipment) clutch and pressure plate and modified to increase the clamp force to between 20 to 40% above the standard specifications. Combining this increased clamp pressure with a full faced premium organic clutch plate the driver now has smooth engagement, excellent drivability, and performance and in most cases without any extra pedal effort. This package is best suited for vehicles with a mild ecu re-map.

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TFS85 4JJ1TCX (6 speed)


Type: Heavy Duty Organic
Clutch Plate Dimension: 275X25.6X24T
Dual Mass Flywheel: N/A
Solid Flywheel: Not Included
Concentric Slave Cylinder: Not Included
Maximum Measured Dyno Figures at the Wheels: 240RWHP & 650NMRW
Spigot: Included
Aligning Tool: Included
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