Clock Spring suitable for Hilux GGN25 KUN26 10/2009 on Genuine


Genuine Clock Spring to suit Toyota Hilux 4×4 and 4×2 KUN GGN TGN without VSC from 10/2009 on

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This part is the genuine Toyota clock spring for the airbag located in the steering wheel of all Toyota Hilux KUN16 KUN26 GGN15 GGN25 TGN15 without VSC (vehicle stability control) from 10/2009 onwards.

Note: This is the TYPE A clock spring which has a double plug with twin row connectors on both.

Before October 2010, a different clock spring is used.

Search for Clock Spring for Steering Wheel suit Toyota Hilux 2005 to 2010 84306-0K021 for the earlier model version.

Genuine Toyota part.


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