Boss Airbag Suspension suitable for Nissan Navara D22 Leaf Spring


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Nissan Navara 4WD D22 Leaf Spring Airbag Suspension LA-07

If you carry heavy loads heavier springs have been the answer for years. But heavy springs also bring the disadvantage of a harsh ride and poor handling when the vehicle is unloaded or lightly loaded. If your load varies you need a suspension system that can be varied to suit the conditions and load at hand.

BOSS Air Bag Load Assist kits have the advantage of being able to be run practically undeflated when your vehicle is unladen or with a light load (although 2-5PSI is recommended and can be adjusted to help remove body roll from the vehicle). The airbags can then be inflated to suit the load at hand as required. The heavier the load the more air you can apply. Realistically you only need 20 to 40 psi but the bags are tested to 400 psi during quality. Boss Air suspension systems are precision engineered and capable of exceeding your load carrying expectations by a long way.

Kits are sold complete and comprehensive including

  • Brackets top and bottom
  • Air Bags x 2 (1 for each side)
  • Air Lines
  • Air Fittings for air lines
  • Easy to follow instructions with detailed images
  • Above average 5 year warranty and after sales support

Benefits of Boss Air Suspension

  • Enables the vehicle to sit level wether loaded or unladen
  • Avoids blinding headlights to oncoming vehicles
  • Reduces body roll
  • Improved ride and handling characteristics
  • Reduced wear in shocks, springs and tyres
  • Full adjustability

Boss air Suspension does not require engineering and can be fitted by anyone with reasonable mechanical knowledge.

All components are available separately should they be required.

Steel bracketry is laser cut for precision, Mig welded and anodised for strength and longevity.

The airbags are 5mm thick double convoluted multi-ply rubber and complies to ADR Standards.

BOSS air suspension kits have proven themselves to be able to go the distance been around for over 15 years and used extensively by Mining, Fleet and freight companies and are now accepted as the leading brand in the camping, 4wding and recreational vehicle markets and in that time literally thousands have been fitted, many of customers ring years after purchase order new brackets as they have replaced their original vehicle and take their airbags with them for the new vehicle.

Yes there are cheaper air bag systems on the market but there is no substitute for the quality, longevity and market leading 5 year warranty of Boss Air suspension kits.

BOSS Air Fitting Cutting & Installation

Boss Airbag Assembly

We are currently offering a free Cutting Tool as pictured.


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