GQ Nissan Patrol TD42 PDI Front Mount Intercooler Kit


We recognise the GQ has a great following in the 4WD market due to them being a solid drivetrain and lots of modifications to make them a series contender in the offroad scene.

The GQ Nissan Patrol TD42 PDI Front Mount Intercooler kit benefits from extensive development on other models and demonstrates PDIs focus on produce the biggest and most efficient designs for each vehicle they develop.

The GQ Nissan Patrol TD42 PDI Front Mounted Intercooler Kit has

  • 595 x 330 x 76 mm intercooler core

  • Fully cast alloy end tanks with recesses to allow it to sit back and maintain the factory look.

  • Stainless pipe (polished) 2.5”

  • Adapter to bolt onto the intake manifold.

  • Black silicon 6mm thick with 5 layers for maximum longevity.

  • USA made high torque liner clamps.

  • Mild steel brackets – zinc plated and then painted black – no stainless brackets which are prone to fatigue crack and cause rusting of body panels due to anode/cathode reaction.

  • Screw in oil drain on bottom of intercooler.

The end result is an intercooler that will reduce intake temps to a minimum to maintain the performance only normally seen on cold days when driving unloaded. The increase in Mass air density will also allow more fuel to be added safely without risking excessive EGT. We would expect your EGT to drop 50-100deg.

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