Enjoy a Boost With Our Ford Ranger PX2 Snorkel Accessory

For the best prices and availability on Ford Ranger PX2 snorkel components, speak to 962 Industries. A snorkel keeps your Ford Ranger on the road by supplying clean, dry air to the engine at all times for maximum performance, no matter the conditions.


A snorkel keeps out any particles that interfere with the engine’s job and reduces the strain on your air filters. Help your engine breathe easier and work harder with an accessory such as a stainless steel snorkel for the Ford Ranger PX2.

The Ford Ranger PX2 snorkel is an aftermarket accessory to boost your vehicle’s offroad capabilities by increasing the air intake height. A special plastic or metal intake duct is fitted to the top of the engine bay, extending it higher above the roofline so it can draw in clean, cool air with no dust, dirt and water.

Increased Engine Performance

Fitting a snorkel to your Ford Ranger PX2 improves fuel efficiency, increases engine performance and protects the engine from potential damage due to debris or water. In addition, a snorkel is perfect for deep water and river crossings, reducing the risk of stalling or engine hydro lock.
Contact 962 Industries for professional advice about installing a snorkel on your Ford Ranger PX2. We have the parts, selection and service to take your offroad adventures to a new level.

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