PULSAR Billet S488 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo


  • Compressor Inlet: 5” Slip-Fit
  • Compressor Outlet: V-band *
  • Turbine Housing A/R: 1.32 and 1.58 in Option
  • Turbine Housing Inlet: T6 Open and T6 Divided in Option
  • Turbine Housing Outlet: 3/4 Marmon V-band *
  • Oil Feed Port 1/4NPT
  • Oil Drain Std T6 drain Flange


Recommending Engine Displacement: 3.0-8.0L

HP Rating 950-2000


  • CNC Machined Bearing Housing with The FIN COOLING DESIGN
  • Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Systems
  • 80mm, 85mm, 88mm, 92mm, and 98mm Compressor Wheel Options
  • Billet Compressor Wheels with Extended Tip Technology
  • 102/91mm and 109/99mm Turbine Wheel Options
  • STD and T51R MOD in option for Compressor Cover with Speed Sensor Port integrated
  • -12AN Oil Drain Flange and TRB. Inlet Gasket Come in Box


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