Mazda BT50 2021+ Intercooler Kit


Mazda BT50 2021+ Intercooler Kit

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Intercooler kit

Our custom intercooler kit is fabricated around a 68mm thick, PWR core. We have specifically designed alloy end tanks that get welded to each side of the core then the 2.5” 304 grade stainless steel piping runs off them.

The driver’s side piping runs to the factory turbo and the passenger side runs to the factory intake manifold. To ensure a clean setup we use a machined plate designed to bolt the factory sensors back into. This plate also includes a barb that can be connected up to a boost gauge. (Please note: all aftermarket turbo upgrades will need to have custom made piping to suit your setup).

We use the 68mm PWR core as it allows the best airflow to reach the radiator. All welds are back-purged.

This kit includes everything (except tools) needed for a DIY install. All hose clamps, silicon joiners and fastenings.

Please Allow 4 weeks for production


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