D40 Navara Turbo YD25 GT2056V 4Bolt Style



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Turbo to suit Nissan Navara D40  YD25 Thai Built OEM Spec

OEM Part Number:

  • 14411EB70B
  • 14411-EB70B
  • 14411EB70A
  • 14411-EB70A
  • 14411EB70C
  • 14411-EB70C
  • 14411EB71C
  • 14411-EB71C
  • 14411EB70D
  • 14411-EB70D
  • 14411EB71D
  • 14411-EB71D


Frequently Asked Questions

What else do I need?
Make sure oil journals are free from contaminants and/or obstructions. Turbos need sufficient oil and water flow to maintain good life. We recommend you get a licensed mechanic to fit your turbo.

What is warranty?
All turbos have a 1-year unlimited km warranty worldwide.

What is the wait time?
We generally keep stock to ship out immediately but depending on demand, worst case there would be a 1 week wait.

Do these turbos bolt straight on?
Yes, our turbos are direct bolt on

How much extra power can I get?
With our standard turbos your power level depends on your fuel system and a competent dyno tuner. Most diesel engines will get some pretty good gains once correctly tuned.


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