Toyota Prado 2.8L Turbo Diesel 2016-20 – UniFilter High Dust 4×4 Combo Pack


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UNiFILTER High Dust 4×4 Combo Pack TT270215S-CP to suit:
Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2.8L Turbo Diesel 2016-20 GDJ150R 155

Cross Reference: OEM: 17801-11130

Unifilter 4×4 Combo Pack
This kit includes a complete filter unit pre-oiled and ready to install. A spare foam set, additional oil and cleaner, along with gloves to help you either clean or replace filter unit.

TT270-215S-CP Includes:
1 x Complete Air Filter Element
1 x Replacement Foam Set (Panel Filter)
1 x 250ml Filter Oil
1 x 250ml Filter Cleaner
1 x Pair Gloves
1 x Service Cloth
1 x Service Bucket

Unifilter Features & Benefits: 
Improved performance through increased airflow :: Improved protection through finer filtration levels :: Substantial cost savings through serviceability and re-use. Ideal for servicing filters on long, dusty trips. Replace and clean and you’re good to go. Unifilter replacement automotive air filters are designed to give the ultimate in protection while delivering the best performance possible. Unifilter radial filters have two layers of foam. The outer Yellow layer is the work stage and inner green layer is safety stage for extreme dusty conditions. Layers can be removed for easy servicing. Designed and made in Australia for Australian conditions.


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