Toyota Hilux (2005-2015) KUN N70 Front Sway Bar Relocation Bracket (76mm bolt spacing)


  • Suits N70
  • Thinnest design on the market
  • Unlikely to contact the radiator support unlike other brands
  • Studs pre-installed
  • Complete kit
  • Suitable for use with PSRHIL-011
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PSR’s Toyota Hilux N70 05-15 front sway bar relocation system is designed to allow more clearance from the sway bar to the strut assembly and are 100% bolt-in. Unlike other brands our kit features countersunk bolts and press in studs to reduce the thickness of the main plate meaning the possibility for contact between the sway bar and the radiator supports is eliminate, or only minor. Supplied with studs pre pressed into the plate for easy installation and removal they are E-coated Black and come with all required components to install. Mounting bolt centers are 76mm. May be required when installing PSRHIL-011.


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