Speedo Sensor Landcruiser VDJ Hilux KUN Prado KZJ Genuine


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Speedo Sensor suitable for Landcruiser VDJ Hilux KUN Prado KZJ Genuine

Speedo Sensor suit Landcruiser from 1998 Hilux from 1988 and Prado from 1996

This is the electronic speed sensor (not cable driven) that fits to the transfer case underneath the vehicle.

Suits the following vehicles:

Landcruiser FZJ78 FZJ79 8/1999-4/2006, FZJ105 1/1998-7/2002, HDJ78 HDJ79 8/2001-12/2006, VDJ76 VDJ78 VDJ79 1/2007-on, HDJ100 8/2002-7/2007, HZJ105 1/1998-7/2002 and 5/2005-7/2007, UZJ100 1/1998-7/2000 and 5/2005-7/2007.

Hilux LN107 8/1991-11/1998, LN111 8/1991-7/1997, LN130 8/1991-10/1995, LN167 9/2000-1/2005, LN172 9/2000-1/2005, RN106 8/1991-7/1997, RN110 8/1991-7/1997, RN130 8/1991-10/1995, VZN130 8/1991-10/1995, VZN167 8/2002-1/2005 VZN172 8/2002-1/2005, KZN165 9/2001-1/2005, GGN25 2/2005-on, KUN26 2/2005-on

Prado KZJ95 9/1999-8/2002 RZJ95 4/1996-5/1999 VZJ95 4/1996-8/2002 GRJ120 1/2003-7/2009 KDJ120 8/2006-7/2009 KZJ120 9/2002-7/2009 RZJ120 9/2002-7/2004.

Also suits many other Toyota vehicles including Echo, Yaris, Corolla, RAV4.

Please call or email with your VIN to confirm fitment.

This is a genuine Toyota part.


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