PWR Intercooler only AMAROK 3.0L V6 2016+Black PWI81926B


  • 68kW increase with tuning. (PWR achieved 203.9kW @ the wheels)
  • 55% more torque. (PWR achieved 750Nm @ the wheels)
  • Extruded tube & fin core for 58% less charge air pressure drop & increased efficiency.
  • 31% thicker core.
  • Australian engineered & manufactured.
  • CNC machined billet aluminium outlets used throughout with unique ribbed design helps eliminate hose blow-off issues seen on other kits.
  • Full colour fitting instructions are provided taking approx 3 hours to fit DIY.
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When you’re off road in challenging situations, you want maximum throttle response, torque and power. We have the ultimate solution for your Amarok that also provides low fuel consumption.

PWR’s intercooler is specially engineered and made in Australia to boost your Amarok’s torque, power and fuel economy.

PWR’s signature CNC-machined ribbed outlets prevent the hose from blowing off.

PWR’s high flow extruded intercooler core is 31% thicker than the OEM unit, resulting in less pressure drop and improved efficiency. With the help of a friend, you can install it yourself in less than 3 hours. Or, get it done for you and take advantage of a tune at the same time. When combined with a mild tune, we’ve achieved torque figures of 750Nm and 203.9kW at all four wheels.


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