PSR TTG Rear Shock Absorber 670mm Open Small Eye 16mm Bush Ends – PAIR


PSR’s range of shock absorbers, TTG, are a heavy duty twin tube gas shock absorber designed to unlock the full potential of the suspension system of your vehicle. Developed over many years of testing and fine tuning you can be assured that PSR has designed the shock to suit the vehicle’s exact needs.

Most companies only evaluate things like shock valving and length BUT only redesign to suit their own construction style. At PSR we evaluate critical elements of the shock that make it worthy of fitment to your vehicle such as length and weaknesses within the suspension.

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  • Engineered lengths to maximise off road performance
  • Highest quality componentry: NOK seals and Fuchs oil!
  • PSR’s own brand! 100% designed and refined in-house to suit Aussie conditions
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Tuff scatter shield to keep rock damage off shaft


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