PDI Nissan GU ZD30 CRD (& DI) Front Mount intercooler Kit




Our PDI Nissan GU ZD30 CRD Front Mount intercooler Kit was designed to be a bolt in option for GU ZD30 owners chasing better cooling to reduce EGT or those running larger turbos for better performance. Large core with 2 1/2″ stainless pipework to and from the intercooler.

These kits aim to get the best flow and the largest core that can be reasonably fitted.

Uses 2.5” stainless pipes on each side and straight silicon connections. The outlet from the turbo uses a 2” 180deg bend in stainless to join to the 2.5”. This means no elbows coming off the turbo getting blasted with a constant flow of hot air. Piping on turbo side briefly goes through the wheel arch but is in stainless so less prone to damage.

Has two fittings on the turbo pipe. One for the boost sensor and the other for a boost gauge.

The mounting brackets for the bull-bar prove to be the biggest obstacle in fitting one of these kits. The factory bullbar brackets don’t give enough room to fit the core, but most aftermarket bull-bars are fine. To confirm please get some pictures and send to us at info@pdicoolers.com.au.

We have done a few installs but keep failing to get some pictures. This will happen soon.



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Weight 300 kg


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