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High performance Airboxes for max power potential

Cast alloy lid and box– moulded for optimised flow and resistance to distortion. Precision machined on sealing surface. for a dust proof seal.

4” inlet and 4”outlet – to maximise air flow to the turbo and reduce turbo scavenging, which affect boost response and will help optimise AFR.

Landcruiser 200 series element– largest panel filter available throughout Australia. Allows running of OEM filter elements or aftermarket filters. The 200 series element is 20% bigger than a VDJ79 filter and 25% bigger than a Duramax filter panel.

Water drain outlet included– to prevent build-up of water inside box from heavy downpours – uses the dust seal drain from 100 series or VDJ79 factory airbox. Water drain was factory fit in the original inner guard air ducting on the 80 series. Water drain will be supplied with a foam block until we can find a supply of these – Toyota (part number 17743-50010) don’t have any.

Latches NOT Bolts– quick inspection is possible with our stainless steel over-centre latches to allow even pressure on the seal.No spanners/sockets needed and no risk of losing bolts or over tightening to push out the seal.



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