Hilux N70 KUN26 D4D Front Mount Intercooler Kit Mk 2


 It fits like a glove with:

  • 600x300x76mm core (around 20% larger than competitors designs)

  • custom high flow end tanks and

  • 3” outlets into the engine bay.

  • 2.5” stainless piping, thick 5 ply silicon and high torque Breeze liner clamps.

After fitting to a couple of high powered Hilux’s we have seen an increase in power delivery across the range as this larger core has allowed an even more aggressive tune.

Sits neatly at the front.  Uses steel brackets and a vertical support behind the intercooler to the lower crossmember to secure the bonnet latch.

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Following upgrading to the larger Mk2 kit (from a 500mm wide core) it has been reported that the engine is more responsive across the whole rpm range.

This is the largest core you can fit (possible due to our custom end tanks) and still retain the factory grill and any bumper/bullbar option. Additionally the tapering in of the headlight/grill line is matched by the end tanks to complement the design of the front of the vehicle.

We have supplied intercoolers to highly modified 4WD where the owner is pushing the engine limits and running upwards of 60psi. Our cores have proved to be able to deal with the abuse an addition to amazing the customers with inlet air being so close to ambient both on the dyno and during use on the road/track/strip.



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