Hi-Beam Work Light



Ridiculously handy work light. Great for joggers, cyclists, camping, fishing – in fact, if you’re someone who is ever out at night, you need the High-Beam Work Light


✔️28 super-bright LEDs
Really lights up the space in front of you, leaving your hands free to get on with the job.
✔️Wide-angle floodlight effect 
No straining your neck and moving your head around to move your spotlight. Full floodlight effect.
✔️Recharge with included USB – No more replacing batteries
Get 2-3 hours of light out of a single charge and never buy batteries again.
✔️Amazingly Light & Comfortable
Weighing in at 65 grams you’ll actually forget its there.

✔️Long working time of up to 8 hours
8 hour working time in power-saving mode. 2-3 hours on full power.

✔️3 modes plus Front and Backlighting
3 modes – High power, power saving & emergency beacon
Front LED light strip + Rear red LED taillights




Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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