Eclipse Turbo Systems JB5 1HZ, 1HD-T, 1HD-FT Upgrade Turbo



The J3 JB TurboCharger powered by Eclipse Turbo Systems is a High Flowed CT26 turbocharger, with an Eclipse Turbo Systems upgraded billet compressor wheel.

This has been fully VSR balanced and tested by ETS following superior process and quality control systems and standards.

This turbo is an upgraded unit from our legendary 1HZ kit but is now available as a stand-alone turbo.

Purpose designed as a factory upgrade for Landcruisers with the 1HZ, 1HDT, and 1HDT-FT engines.

With correct tuning and supporting mods increases of up to 45% available power and torque have been achieved with this unit (please see images for dyno sheets).


Eclipse Turbo Systems

Eclipse Turbo Systems is founded on the development of turbochargers providing a high-class product specifically designed around each chosen engines requirements, to meet the needs of all turbo diesel owners. Although relatively new to the market, Eclipse Turbo Systems has been leading towards these goals for decades, with an unwavering passion. Many years of testing and gathering knowledge, has also formed a great team of highly skilled personnel all with the same passion and abilities, many of them engineers in their own right. Starting in 2017, we now boast some of the highest quality test equipment available with testing results to match. From one of the best sound engineered dyno cells, Cimat VSR Balancing and Turbo Test Expert calibration machines, to having the only turbo dyno (custom built) in the country (one of only a handful in the entire world) ensuring we have the correct tools to test every aspect in its entirety. We will continue to lead in design and development long into the future, helping bond and strengthen the turbo diesel community.

Led by head engineer Peter Winn (a legend in the industry) with over 40 years of turbo diesel performance pedigree, and a no-nonsense approach to realistic achievements. We will not only be developing turbochargers, but all required supporting equipment and high-quality parts as the company grows. It is important to us to ensure the customer receives a full package of equipment that complements each other (not just one piece of a puzzle), with a great driving experience to match. This rings true also for our chosen Dealer Network, who will receive the FULL support of Eclipse Turbo Systems to ensure the best possible outcome. Know that we are working hard, developing and testing multiple models of turbochargers simultaneously to widen our range of turbocharger models to fit your vehicle in a timely manner.

962 Industries is proud to be an Approved genuine dealer of Eclipse Turbo Systems!


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