Nissan Navara D40 6″ PSR Rear Shock Absorber – PAIR


  • Suits Nissan Navara D40 Only
  • Engineered lengths to maximise off road performance
  • Highest quality componentry: NOK seals and Fuchs oil!
  • PSR’s own brand! 100% designed and refined in-house to suit Aussie conditions
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Tuff scatter shield to keep rock damage off shaft
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PSR’s range of shock absorbers, TTG, are a heavy duty twin tube gas shock absorber designed to unlock the full potential of the suspension system of your vehicle. Developed over many years of testing and fine tuning you can be assured that PSR has designed the shock to suit the vehicle’s exact needs.Most companies only evaluate things like shock valving and length BUT only redesign to suit their own construction style. At PSR we evaluate critical elements of the shock that make it worthy of fitment to your vehicle such as length and weaknesses within the suspension.Explained below is why we do things better than the others:



The original shock absorber in your vehicle is designed for one reason, to outlast its warranty and limit travel to certain components such as rack ends, CVs and driveshafts.

While we know and understand the importance of limiting travel to these components we also understand that having an OE length shock absorber means restrictions in suspension performance, particularly offroad. The OE length shock absorber limits suspension travel and has a reduced body size which results in far less oil volume and therefore less ability to keep the oil cool, which is critical in the performance and lifespan of the shock absorber!

Further to this, having a longer shock absorber means your tyres, the most important part of traction in off road performance terms and also safety, have the BEST chance of keeping traction to the ground, meaning you will get further!



We are offering an industry leading product and we are prepared to stand by this statement by offering an industry leading warranty! With a LIFETIME and UNLIMITED KM warranty against leaking you can be assured you’re receiving a product up to the rigours of Australia, from the outback to the inner city! Please see warranty area for full product warranty details.



Our competitors won’t want to tell you what they have, because they don’t have it! NOK seals are the best shock seal on the market, Fuchs oil is the best oil and combined with high quality internal guides and wearing components means a quality unit is guaranteed. Other companies look at price, however, maximising profits is not our goal, instead it is to maximise shock performance and longevity! To complement the quality of the internal components the exterior of the shock has a top quality painting process which means a long lasting finish.



This is the heart of your ride and control! Every vehicle has varying motion ratios and loads placed on the shock absorber. This means you cannot have the common one size fits all mindset. We have focused on ride comfort and user control to give you a smooth yet controlled feel to your ride. NOTE: varying spring rates will alter the ride of the vehicle



PSR is determined to bring you the best product! With our years of experience on automotive suspension solutions we can understand what we need to increase in size and what is needed to make the product tough, long lasting and robust.

A factor that can reduce performance of a shock unit is body wall thickness. There is a fine line between being strong enough to withstand rock rash and impacts and not being too thick that heat cannot dissipate causing overheating and fade of the unit. We have selected 2mm for the outer body, this is a balance to protect and also keep the unit cool.

This means you have to find the balance between size and functionality! Don’t believe everything they tell you!


PSR TTG Shock Absorbers are designed to be maintenance free. However, it is recommended, each time the vehicle is cleaned mud and debris are removed from the shock absorber, particularly around the seal area at the top of the body. Do NOT use harsh chemicals to clean the shock absorbers, use soapy water to rinse only. Do not aim pressure washers at the top seal either, this pressure can cause issues and force water into the shock or damage the seal. The suspension mounting bolts, nuts and other fixings should be inspected after 500kms and at regular service intervals to ensure they are tensioned satisfactorily.


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